Born in Lyon (France) in 1973.

"She can be defined as a Net artist, Net being both the place, the object and the media of her creations. It provides a space for a narrative, which she develops on a day-to-day basis through her numerous research, creation, and curatorial projects." Her visual and graphic presentations often refer to the history of Conceptual Arts and tend to textuality: the text in its written and visual form. She positions her work at the crossroad between contemporary and digital art. It is fueled by the need to question our relation to language and takes different forms: installations, dispositifs, online projects, videos, editings , drawings, and performances. Thus, she explores various written fields: literature, translation, computer code, meta-language, commentary, score writing.

She exhibits her work regularly in France and abroad, either in identified institutions (Pompidou Centre, Glasgow Sculpture Studio, Neuchâtel Art Centre, Museum of art Shanghai…) or in alternative spaces (White Space Zürich, Le bon accueil Rennes, Basekamp Gallery Philadelphia...). Most recently, she was a resident artist at la Gaîté Lyrique (Paris) and at the Maison Populaire Art Centre (Montreuil). She also taught a studio course at the Political Science School in Paris (Science Po. Paris). She works on a regular basis with Marks Blond Art Space (Bern, Switzerland).

She began as an assistant professor at the National Fine Art School (Paris), and later became a full time professor at the EESAB (European Fine Art School in Brittany). During her career, she was invited to teach at Paris Political Science School, and to present her work in places such as the University of South Florida (Tempa), The New School (Paris), Columbia University (New York). She was a Fulbright Scolar in Residence at Loyola University (New Orleans) 2016-2017. She currently teaches at Uqam (Montreal).